My two previous blogs I have discussed gambling, its addiction, and how it creates stress and anxiety that probably leads to trauma. 

Life can be a gamble

Life is a gamble, your career depends on the odds you take. 

For the majority of my life, I farmed in the UK.  I planted a crop. I depended on the weather, the conditions at harvest time, and finally the market. All of these things determined what price I would get for my crop.

It was the same with livestock. Their health, the availability of food, and finally the market determined what price I would get for them.

The whole experience created stress and anxiety. Farming in Australia can be even more stressful. 

Floods, droughts. Between the weather, the market, and the political environment – one of them is going to get you. Extreme stress, anxiety, and finally extreme trauma are evident in the high level of suicides in farming. It’s alarming.

Your career

Your career often dictates how much stress you have in your life. If you are in sales and reliant on commission the odds of stress anxiety are much higher than if you have a stable government job with an income-linked pension.

If you are unemployed, out of work, or living on social handouts, you still have stress and anxiety, created by boredom, lack of money, and frustration.  All of which creates stress and anxiety within you and your family.

Every way you look at life, it’s a gamble.

Flexibility is the answer

The answer is to have the ability to adjust and be flexible with change. To have balance. 

In my previous blogs I put emphasis on the ABCs:

  • Attitude
  • Balance
  • Control

Although attitude and control are important, without balance you will create stress and anxiety. 

The same rings true when helping a farmer or someone with a gambling addiction. I have a good success rate helping people find the reasons why they’re stressed and anxious.

Together we go into the reason why they are gambling. The reasons why they are stressed.  I take away the stress and anxiety that has built up in their subconscious mind. 

Not only helping with the addiction, I help them find the ability to quit the thing that is causing stress and gain freedom from it.

Freedom is the ultimate prize. Free of stress and anxiety and not creating trauma.

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed?

Whether you’re a farmer or a well-paid executive, we all face times of stress and anxiety in our lives.

If you’re feeling like the world is weighing down on you or that you’ve lost control over “simple” things like gambling, you should give me a call. Calls are free and I’m always eager to help however I can.