Why Anxious, Stressed and Frustrated?

I have been a therapist for nearly twenty years.  Situations are never as simple and straight forward as you first think.  I mainly focus on Quit Smoking, Binge Drinking, Gambling, plus Stress, Anxiety and Trauma.  Other problem crop up, e.g. nail biting, bed wetting, insomnia, phobias and sometimes past lives, plus several others.  Past lives you may believe in, or not, it’s your choice.  I have no authority to change your beliefs.  The principle is basically the same.  Find out what the problem is.  Go to the source of the problem.   Take away the negative emotions that the problem is creating.  It’s a simple and straight forward formula. It’s not rocket scienceWhy Anxious Stressed

My basic question when a client comes for the first appointment, what is happening in your life.  I want to know the reason WHY.  When I know the WHY, I can really help the client, so that the problem does not reoccur. A simple example.  A lady came with a serious gambling addiction.  Every dollar she earned, she just flittered away.  Her life had become pointless, she did not even want to live.  I first stated there was no problem getting her to stop gambling, I have a very good record.  I wanted to know what was happening in her life.  I wanted the WHYWhen I knew the WHY, I could go to the root of the problem.  The outcome, she took control of her life, her life was then worth living again.

I can only help people who want to be helped.  If they believe I’m a good therapist and I can help them.  I am more than halfway there, because all we are dealing with is thoughts and beliefs.  We are changing the thought and beliefs at the subconscious level. Not only am I helping them be free of  the addiction, I am helping them get rid of all the stress, anxiety, tension and frustration,  the addiction has caused.

There are many people out there in the wide world, who are overweight, alcohol or gambling addicted or stressed out.  If you asked many of them WHY they don’t stop, the probable answer is, it would stress them out quitting.

The fact of life, if someone is either over weight, excessive smoking or binge drinking, they are not looking forward to a long healthy life.  If you put that point to them, they will quote someone, who has smoked boozed and is over weight, lived to 99, then got run over by a bus.  There an exemption to every rule.  They love to quote it.

They need to ask the question WHY, this will take away much of the stress anxiety tension and frustration.You will balance your lifeBUSINESS MAN BALANCING ON ROPE

You will balance your life.