Judith Richards for Roland James Hypnosis

During the years practicing hypnotherapy I have attended many courses and workshops.  In the United States, England and many in Australia. They all have useful information. 

Every so often there is one that really stands out

One of the monthly meetings of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.  The main presenter was Judith Richards. She related the abuse physically and mentally she had been inflicted on her in her life. She had a period in her life when she couldn’t show her face through the door. 

Because of the physical abuse that she have been through. She discovered how to fix it. She now has confidence. All this she related in her presentation. Finally she announced that she was running a workshop to teach other therapist. 

The most valuable hypnotherapy workshop

I was the first to put up my hand.  Send me the details. I need to be in. This was her first workshop. It’s the most valuable workshops I have had the opportunity to attend.  

The therapy is really simple.  Everything that we have experienced in our lives has happened. It doesn’t matter how dramatic or horrendous. It’s a fact, we can’t change it.  The problem is the negative emotion that has been created.

The teaching was how to eliminate the negative emotion.  This put my therapy on a whole new level. I can’t thank Judith enough she is an amazing lady.