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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss – Addressing the Root Cause of Your Inability to Lose Weight


Roland James Hypnosis Weight Loss

Are you looking into hypnotherapy for weight loss? If yes, could it be that you’ve tried every weight loss remedy you know without success? If that’s the case, you’re certainly not alone. According to studies, Americans pay more than $30 billion every year on anything likely to help them lose and keep weight off, yet most remain unsuccessful in their quest.

So, what’s keeping you from achieving your desired body size despite having so many “weight loss” diets, pills, patches, and other products out there? Talking of diets, how many have you tried since you embarked on your weight loss journey?

Why you aren’t losing weight despite your efforts

Why aren’t you losing any weight despite doing everything “right?” You’ve abandoned all your unhealthy habits – you eat and hydrate well, exercise every day, but even when you manage to lose some pounds, you end up gaining them all back and more.

Sounds familiar?

You may have changed your habits and adapted what you believe to be a healthy way of living, and it could be. What you probably don’t know is that there’s more to weight loss than calorie intake and exercise – there’s the psychology part, which many weight loss experts ignore or even don’t know exists.

And this is what hypnotherapy for weight loss is all about, and why it’s probably the only thing that can help you and millions of others in shedding excess weight and keeping it away.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss and why it works quickly and effectively

Hypnotherapy for weight loss focuses more on the psychological part of weight loss than the physical, eating, and exercise area.

When we talk of the psychological part of weight loss, we speak of the mental or emotional things that are likely behind your unsuccessful weight loss efforts. You see, you and millions of other individuals have tried the physical part without much or any action, but have you tried the psychological? Possibly not – and that could be where you’ve been going wrong all along.

The psychological part of weight gain and complications in losing Weight

Some of the psychological causes of weight gain and complications in losing Weight include the following:

  • Mindless and emotional eating
  • StressLow self-esteem/negative body image
  • Internalized weight stigmaIrrational beliefs
  • Childhood trauma
  • Unrealistic beauty standards and many more

All of the above issues can hinder any weight loss program, no matter how strict, in many ways. For example, childhood trauma, a negative body image, and unrealistic body standards can result in continuous stress.

For those who don’t know, stress is among the most common causes of weight gain. It induces the body to produce the notorious hormone cortisol, which slows down metabolism.

So, you see, without addressing such issues, losing weight and managing to keep it off can be pretty tricky. Unfortunately, many people hardly address their psychological reasons for weight gain and the inability to shed weight, leading to nothing but wasted money, time, and effort.

How hypnotherapy for weight loss helps

Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps individuals change their mindsets about any psychological factors hindering their weight loss efforts. So, rather than trying to solve the problem, a reputable hypnotherapist seeks to heal the root cause of the problem. With the root source of the problem addressed, weight loss becomes effortless.

Of course, hypnotherapy doesn’t help with weight loss directly; it only aids the process. The good thing about the treatment is that once the psychological issues are healed, going back to old habits after weight loss becomes a thing of the past, and any weight loss is lost for good.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy for weight loss are required

With a good hypnotherapist, you may require only three sessions. During the first session, you and your hypnotherapist will ideally go through your eating and exercising habits. At the end of the session, the two of you will have developed an individualized, healthy plan for you to follow over the next couple of weeks.

The second phase of your treatment begins after a few weeks of adhering to the plan developed by the two of you in the first phase. By this time, you’ll have lost a portion of your weight, and you’re likely to be feeling motivated to keep going.

This is where your psychological health is addressed. Everything likely to have led to your weight gain and the difficulty of keeping any weight lost, including negative emotions and self-perceptions, is handled through hypnosis, and the journey towards healing starts.

The third and last session is based on helping you to regain your confidence. Of course, carrying excess Weight often affects our self-perception – we tend to feel “less worthy” or “less human,” and this is something that needs to be changed, else you’ll slowly slip back to your old habits.

With your self-confidence or self-worth restored, the chances of living a healthy life are enhanced – you are more likely to stick to healthy eating and exercising plan without any difficulties. Remember, the healthier you are, the healthier your loved ones are likely to be!

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