Money Doesn’t Bring You Happiness

This statement may be contrary to the average person’s belief. Just a quick a quoteAnxiety “Money doesn’t create happiness, you can be miserable in comfort” A large proportions of the population buy lotto tickets. They have this false dream of this huge win and all their problems will be solved.  All lotto ticket holders are potential million airs.   The odds are so great, they are the same as being struck by lightning.

The majority of winners, it ruins their lives.  They are not accustomed to that amount of wealth, they can’t handle it, they blow the lot, end up with more stress and anxiety than they had before the win.  We dream of being financially secure.  We strive for that goal, I will admit I am in that category. What I want, this would relate to the majority.

To have enough money to sustain a good quality of life and knowing we have the wealth to maintain it.  This we hope will give us peace of mind which we strive for.  Taking away all stress and anxiety.  I think this is fair comment.

Going back to the original statement, “Money does not bring you happiness” I know a person who has everything.  Her husbands wealth creates and provides for all the needs and luxuries in excess.  A house which I will describe is a mansion.  With all modern conveniences plus domestic help.  When organising a dinner party it’s done by outside caterers.  The house is like a five star Villa in a sun drenched location, with maid service. All their holidays in five star plus hotels.  A new luxury car every year or so.  This lady is a lovely person and extremely generous, yet although she has everything, that the average person dreams of having, she is more stress out than you could possibly imagine. Why? I’ve failed to work it out, I just can’t understand it.  Perhaps you may have some ideas, but I don’t think it’s greed, perhaps envy of people who are even wealthier.  Perhaps stress and anxiety that the wealth can’t be sustained.  Life has it’s ways of taking unexpected twists.  What goes up must come down, the wheel turns a full circle.

The way to take away stress and anxiety, is to have a contented mind and that has nothing to do with money.