I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Jack Mason — the most accomplished hypnotist I have met. His primary focus was taking people into hypnosis to prepare them for surgery in hospital.
His process is The Law of Cause and Effect. If something is happening in your life, it’s not the reason for your stress. It’s the negative effect that is the problem. In my therapy I find out what is happening in the client’s life. I look for the cause of stress. Then I take away the negative emotion associated with that stress.
It’s straight forward and I have a very high success rate in helping people manage stress.
I use the Law of Cause and Effect to help people battling addictions like gambling and alcohol. If I didn’t help clients dig deep to find the reason for stress, they get off the addiction but they’ll likely drift back on again. Many times the cause of stress goes back to their childhood.
My treatment based on the Law of Cause and Effect is excellent to help relieve stress caused by the lockdowns and the COVID pandemic.