Addiction has many different faces and forms in our lives, from being unable to resist that extra bit of chocolate to the more serious and damaging addiction of illicitaddiction hypnosis substances like marijuana.

Many people are unable to quit their addiction by themselves, but it doesn’t make you weak to ask for help, as addiction is much more serious than just a bad habit. Addiction is a disease that affects an addict’s brain, psyche and body, manifesting itself through intense and extremely challenging cravings that both psychologically and physically affect an individual.

Hypnosis for Addiction

It has been proven that using hypnosis for addiction can help in treatment and recovery, especially when working alongside other rehabilitation treatments. During hypnosis, a deep sense of relaxation is created through shifts in consciousness, allowing for the patient to become highly suggestible and open to persuasion.

This relaxed and suggestible state can help present people with a different internal perspective on their addictive behaviours. What had previously seemed impossible, like quitting a substance or challenging a behaviour, becomes achievable and desirable.

These changed beliefs then help influence the patient after they have come out of the hypnotic trance, in turn helping them overcome addictions. This is the main reason that hypnosis appeals to addicts, as hypnosis can profoundly help people to strengthen their willpower and break free from their addictions.

Treating Marijuana Addiction

However, not all addictions are treated the same way, with some able to be helped in a single session, and others requiring more work and assistance from additional support programs. For many people, an addiction to smoking can be overcome in just one session.

But for treating addiction to marijuana, the process can be a lot more complex, as many sellers of the drug have added other chemicals to alter the effect on the individual user. Marijuana is a lot different today than it was just a few decades ago, with many people unaware of the impact the drug can have when it is mixed with these harmful chemicals.

While smoking marijuana might provide a temporary calm and relaxed state, the additional chemicals create further stress and harm as the addiction continues. For this reason, various treatment options exist for overcoming substance addictions.

Hypnosis as Part of the Treatment Journey

While some people may try a particular treatment method that works almost immediately, it is not uncommon for it to take time to find something that works for you. A patient’s willingness to participate in the recovery is a major factor, as well as exploring and addressing the deep-rooted causes of an individual’s addiction.

For many, hypnosis is a valuable tool in the battle against addictions of all types. Combining hypnosis with cognitive behavioural therapy has been proven to help many people quit smoking and other substances.

For strong addictions, taking part in rehab or detox programs along with hypnosis will help support patients in their quest to stay sober and lead to a higher chance of success. Why not start the journey and take control of your addiction today?