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Without Stress And Anxiety

I do not claim to have any extensive knowledge of biblical quotations or whatever chapter or verse they originate from. Reason for having this as the subject for my blog, I can relate to very clear examples or it.

When something is happening our live, may be with our health or within the workplace or even may be in our private life. We don’t know why or the reason, we are in the dark. This creates false illusions, which leads to stress and anxiety.  When we know the truth and the facts, even if they are far worse than we feared, we can cope with it and come to terms with it.  This is so true with our health.  We are not feeling well, our imagination goes into overdrive, stress and anxiety levels shoot through the roof.  When we gstressed coupleet professional medical health information and advice.  We know the truth and our stress and anxiety levels come back to normal and to a manageable level.

My dear old mum whose life spaned from the turn of the last century, to the late nineteen nineties.  My father passed on in 1960 at the age of sixty, my mother was just one year younger.  They had a good marriage and a hard life, struggling on a small farm through the depression in the twenties and thirties.  Understandably my mother was extremely upset and her health was affected which led to extreme stress.

Finally she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with diabetes.  She had to inject herself daily.  This was long before the very fine injection syringes.
Not a pleasant procedure to have to perform daily.

My point is, when you know the truth and the facts, even if they are for worse than you first feared, you can cope.

This is also very true in our everyday lives, when we know the truth and the facts.  We can then cope and probably make necessary adjustments

When we know the truth our stress and anxiety levels are reduced to normal or to manageable levels.


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