The Trap of Gambling Roland James Hypnosis

This is something that you are hopefully not trapped into at the moment.  The facts I’m going to relate you are very relevant.   So you are aware of them and you are forewarned of the danger of gambling.

My opinion gambling is probably the most vicious and dangerous vice. An addicted gambler, can not only loose all his money, has also the money hasn’t got, re borrowing.  Also his house his relationship, his self respect, everything.

It’s not too late for you

My time as therapist I have helped may gamblers, usually before it’s too late.

If you start gambling the best thing that can happen, you loose. This teaches you the valuable lesson that eventually will lose.  Learning this lesson in the beginning is so valuable.  If you win you think this is great, this is the way to make money, have the easy life. Gamblers lose.

  There are exceptions, as there are in all walks of life.  These exceptions are not gamblers they use gambling as a business. They deeply research what they are doing, they usually have an excellent mathematical brain they are disciplined.

Stay away from gambling

I would now relate a true case history.  A person came to me to help him with his gambling. My principle is to help my clients with whatever they wish.  I’m not there to pass judgement.  He knew a person at the casino, that made a living playing roulette, had written a book on his method.  Apparently was successful. It was quite a lengthy book, it took time to study it.   He needed $800 as a base to start with.  With gambling you have to be prepared to lose, before you hopefully hit a winning streak.  The help he wanted,  for me to help him, to have the confidence and discipline to carry out the method

I saw him several times.  I assumed he was going OK

Sometime later a person came to see me for help.  Actually to stop smoking

He was the person who wrote the book He was driving a taxi

I asked him about his book on gambling.  His answer, the system worked

  But  greed always takes  over.  This answer didn’t surprise me

If you are attempted to gamble, hopefully you will lose the first time.   Learn the lesson straight away.   You will ultimately loose