Extra Therapy to add to my therapies The Richards Process

2007-01-08 16.14.36Judith Richards the creator of the Richard Process, spoke at one of the AHA (Australian   Hypnotherapists Association) workshops.  I was really impressed at the good work and the results she is achieving.  She asked for ten therapists to train in the process.  I straight away put up my hand and was fortunate to be selected.

It has lifted my therapy to whole new level.  I haven’t had to learn anything new, it’s the process and the structure.  I am amazed at the results I am achieving.  Although it’s designed for Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger and similar problem.  I am using it for many other problems.  In fact I am at present helping a client with his panic attacks.

A simple example.  A lady came with a gambling addiction.  I first stated there was no problem helping her to stop gambling.  What I wanted to do was go to the reason why she was gambling.  She had completely lost her way in life, with no purpose and no future to look forward to.  The final session she     was in control with a purpose and a future.  Life was worth living again.

Many cases such as smoking it’s straight forward, no complication.  What I experience, the majority of the cases it’s not that straight forward.  The Richards Process goes to the root of the problem and clears all the negative thoughts and beliefs that are the basic cause. This helps with weight, gambling, alcohol addiction and many other problems.

My therapy in a nut shell.

I take away the negative beliefs of the past.

Balance the present

To go into the future with believability and focus

The Richards Process  has all the information on my website www.rolandjameshypnosis.com  together with short video clips and one by Judith Richards plus testimonials

To know more about Judith her website is www.judithrichard.com.au