Judith Richards recently spoke at one of the AHA workshops I attend. Actually she was a ring-in, the main speaker being ill. She announced that she intended to run a workshop for just ten people, to teach the process she was using called the ‘Richards Process’. I immediately put up my hand and was one of the fortunate ten she selected. It was one of the best decisions I have made. It has enhanced my expertise. I now have the ability to go to the root cause of my clients’ problems. Not only with stress, anxiety and trauma but also with gambling, alcohol addiction and weight reduction. I go to the reason why.

Here is an extract from Judith’s website:

The biggest battle we all face throughout life, is the one we face within ourselves…Judith Richards

Your internal life is possibly the most difficult part of your life. The part of you that only you cope with every day, the part of you that even those closest to you are not aware of. You may be searching for answers to traumas you have experienced. You may simply want to improve your performance in sport or at work. You may need to release yourself from out of control addictions or overcome self-sabotaging behaviour. Perhaps you suffer from depression, anxiety, panic attacks … not knowing why, but desperately wanting to be free of these afflictions.

If you suffer with fears, phobias, stress or depression and need to gain control again for a full productive and happy life, Roland James, as understudy to Judith, using these cutting edge hypnosis techniques can assist you to overcome any of these challenges quickly, painlessly and successfully.

Roland will find solutions to your problems by using these methods from Judith. Specifically tailored to suit your needs. Hypnotherapy using Judith’s own “Richards Process” are combined to treat your distinct internal dialogue which may be holding you back from living a full, productive, happy and joyful LIFE.

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