Stress is a part of life for most of us and is usually manageable. A certain stress level can be beneficial, as it can stimulate us and help keep us from becoming complacent. However, extreme stress can affect our mental and physical health.

So why are we so stressed? You may be wondering. We live in a stressful environment where we are constantly bombarded with news and information from around the world.

The economy and political climate are also sources of stress for many people. This constant exposure to stress can be overwhelming and lead to problems like anxiety and depression.

Besides, in today’s world, change is the only constant. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, and we are constantly being asked to adapt to new situations.

It can be difficult, as we often become attached to our existing ways of doing things. It is just another possible explanation for why most people are stressed.

How I can help you Alleviate Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, and Depression

I believe that you are born perfect, although some may have physical or mental problems. Your right is to be happy and healthy. However, as we go through life, thoughts and beliefs often impose on us by our parents, teachers, friends, and co-workers.

In many cases, these beliefs are not even true. However, they are stored in our subconscious minds. We may think we have dealt with them, but we have not.

These false beliefs can often lead to feelings of discontentment and unhappiness. I liken our beliefs to a pot of muddy water. Over time, the mud settles to the bottom, and the water looks fairly clear.

But the mud is all the beliefs we have taken on in our life – and they have settled down in our subconscious minds. If we try to create change in our lives without addressing these underlying beliefs, it’s like boiling the pot of water without removing the lid.

The false and unwanted beliefs will come to the surface and boil over, preventing us from seeing clearly. I help my clients clear away the negative emotions associated with these beliefs so they can move forward into the future with confidence and clarity.

Letting go of negative emotions from your past is relatively straightforward. I help you see your past experiences as lessons that can guide you into the future rather than anchor you in the past.

I don’t change anything about your past, but I help you focus on the present and believe in a positive future. The only way you can go is forward, and I will help you take the steps necessary to move on from your painful past.

Jack Mason Experience

As a therapist, I have had the opportunity to attend several workshops led by Jack Mason. He is one of the most accomplished therapists I have ever met, and he used to take his clients deep into hypnosis even to prepare them for surgery in the hospital.

His mantra was that total belief and focus would take you anywhere you want to go. He believed that thoughts travel and are more powerful than words, and this process has been extremely valuable with gamblers and clients wanting to lose weight.

Over the years, my treatment has progressed and gotten better. I now go into the reason why, and my help is now more permanent. Your imagination only limits you. I put you back in control. With hypnosis, you can reach your goals – whether preparing for surgery or losing weight – and I am here to help you achieve those goals.