Covid, Covid, Covid. Stress, Stress, Stress.

They go together. Every time one turns the news TV or radio.   All the major TV channels you get the same.  You get Covid, Covid, Covid they are giving you all the negativities.  You can’t escape it.  I will not carry on, as it will get you even more depressed.

A client comes to see me.   What is your problem?  When did it start?  The principle of my therapy is cause and effect.   There has to be a cause.  Unless we deal with the cause, we are wasting our time. An example, a young lady in the workforce.  She is being   intimidated by one of the bosses.   Could be male or female.

Before we go into hypnosis, there are several ways I help them.  Way in the past I got a gold award in public speaking.   The lessons I learnt then, are the basis of helping my clients into trance. I teach my client how to relax, the correct body posture, the correct tone in their voice. Like all things in life, the client must put it into practice.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect the first time.  I also balance their energy lines with EFT Emotional Freedom Therapy.  It’s used to help soldiers coming back from battle zones.  It helps to reduce the trauma.

I take my client into hypnosis to compound in this information. We then deal with the perpetrators.    People who they have had issues with in their life. Could go back their childhood, with one or even two of their parents.  School bullying, stress in relationships.  I can’t change anything that has happened in the past.  What has happened is not the problem.  It’s the negative emotion.  I relieve them of the negative emotion.  I use a therapy I learnt from Jack Mason. I had the good fortune to attend several of his workshops in Indianapolis. His was the most accomplished hypnotist I have ever met.  He has now passed on.

I help them to believe in themselves and focus on the future.  Because that is the only way they are going.  The past are lessons and experiences, which are the tools to help them in the future.   Hypnosis gives them balance and focus into the future.