Stress Does affect your body – here’s how

Stress is a normal part of life and as humans we are built to react – your body being the first to show the signs.stress billboard

Depending on the situation every individual’s responses are different.

Stress can be positive – and help you cope with tough situations, or it can be negative, which can lead to physical effects on the body with a range of symptoms.

What are the Symptoms?

For some, those symptoms can be extreme depression, rapid breathing, chest pain, high blood pressure, migraines, and in the worst cases; heart attacks.

Such distress, if not treated will increase the intensity of those symptoms or if that person has an existing disease or illness, could make it worse.

Something else to know initially, not all symptoms are so obvious. Internally the body can be affected in areas such as the liver and in the blood.

For women this could also mean an irregular menstrual cycle and infertility, and for men, erectile dysfunction.

Overall, your entire immune system response is at risk, which then of course makes you susceptible to infections and disease.

Whatever the circumstances, healing this stress and trauma is precedent. If left untreated it can cripple you, changing your world as you know it and at times consuming your every waking moment.

Chronic stress will put your health at risk and when your body is not coping, neither is your brain. Don’t wait until it is too late, there is a range of management options available.

What are the Available Treatments?

Finding the right treatment can be overwhelming. Whilst the majority don’t enjoy going to the doctor, professional advice is far better than self-medication.

Taking the easy road can lead to decisions such as substance abuse, which is a well-known risk factor in the development of addictions.

You become vulnerable and for some, once on that path, they never go back. Be assured, you don’t want to walk down that road.

So be smart, open minded and proactive. Besides medication there are many other solutions which can be included in your management plan, including exercise, relaxation, meditation, breathing techniques and mindfulness.

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™) -a dynamic therapy solution

You may also want to consider The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™) -a dynamic therapy solution.  Anxiety, depression, fears and phobias are all treatable under the Richards process in approximately 3 sessions. It is a simple, yet comprehensive, structured, step-by-step process which involves many diverse components.

These include mindfulness, cognitive therapy, emotion focused therapy and hypnosis. These techniques allow professionals to find where the trauma is stored in the subconscious and in the body, and the depth of its grasp. When all used together these steps become incredibly powerful and unique.

This treatment doesn’t just address the problem, it deals with the underlying cause. There is no better time than now, so start today.

Visualise yourself in a better place and don’t let stress control or consume your life.

There is a world of knowledge and tools that can help you thrive and capture a life worth living. Remember, life is a lot better when you are stress free.

Contact us today and let’s start the healing process.

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