Why Smokers are Becoming More StressedID-100266028

I have been helping smokers to quit for several years.  Although I personally am a non-smoker, I fully understand how smoking can become addictive and the power of nicotine.

My brief experience of smoking goes back to my time spent in the Royal Marines.  I was in the commando division in the terrorists campaign in Cyprus.  This was way back in 1955 (this has really given away my age now!).  Our division had two smokers, the remainder non-smokers.

On Christmas Day we were on duty and the CO brought us cigarettes and beers.  Persuaded by others, I had just one cigarette.  I didn’t enjoy it.  The following day was our Christmas Day.  After our dinner there was nothing else to do except go to the NAFFI, smoke and drink.

Our camp was way up in the mountains with no way to leave. I started a smoke and before I was even half way through the cigarette, we were called out on duty.  I forget the reason –  probably an ambush or some other emergency.  I put the cigarette out and never picked up another.  It was not long before I was the only non-smoker in the section.  That is the history of my personal smoking experience.

I think it ironical that my main clients are smokers.  Just think of the money and stress I have saved myself.  Although back in those days, being on active service, we could buy cigarettes for a shilling per packet.  I will not go into the conversion, I think a rough calculation would be a fraction of a dollar per packet.

Being a non-smoker I have not kept track of the price of a packet of cigarette.  Recently I was told by one client that the cost was a dollar per cigarette.  Basic calculations:  there are 25 cigarettes in a packet.  The majority of my smoking clients are smoking a packet per day.  Smoking is a seven day a week habit, may be more on a weekend.

That’s a Total sum of $175 per week  $9,100 per year – financially stressful and also damaging to their health.

Yesterday a smoker that I had helped quit several months ago came back.  I will emphasise here that with smokers I offer a package deal.  Not only do I help them quit, I give them 100% support to help them stay off the cigarettes.  If they get back on the cigarettes there is always a reason.

ID-10042977My client also told me that a packet of cigarette now costs $35.  Doing the same calculation as before: a packet-a-day smoker is now spending $245 per week, $12,740 per year.   Frightening and highly Stressful to your standard of living, and still damaging your health.

Spending money on hypnosis to help you quit is money well spent.  One or two consultations without the purchase of cigarettes will get your money back in under two weeks.  Let alone the benefit you’re giving to your health and well being. Plus there are no side effects.

Talk to me today 0n (07) 5500 5573 to discuss how I can help you quit smoking. Let’s see how I can help you break this habit, save your finances and maybe even save your health!