If you think you’re Stressed now,

Just wait till they’re $40 per packet!

Although the majority of my clients come with Stress, Anxiety and Trauma, I still see quite a few with a gambling addiction and binge drinking, plus smoking. In fact, smokers are still a major part of my business – for which I have an extremely good record – the majority of new clients are referred to me from past clients.

I think the main reason clients come to me is that I give them a one year support. Not only do I get them off the cigarettes, I give them help to stay off (see more info here). Quite often a smoker I have seen, probably a few months earlier, phones me to say they have started smoking again. Usually there has been some stressful incident. I always thank them. To get them back on track is quite simple and straight forward.stop smoking street sign

Here I want to make a personal statement. I am a realist: I talk reality not morality. Drinking alcohol, gambling and smoking are not problems when they are in control.  It’s when one of them is out of control, that is when it becomes a problem. Having a few drinks socially or to relax in the evening, having a few bets, the odd cigarette  – as long it is not affecting anyone else – to my belief is not a problem. Many of you may not agree. Having a few bets and a few drinks adds a bit of spice to life. When it gets out of control, it becomes a problem.

Usually when smokers come to me to quit, the majority are smoking a packet a day. They probably started years ago, when the majority of people smoked, and it was socially acceptable. Everywhere there were ash trays available. Very quickly the cigarettes became an addiction. I personally can’t recall the cost of a packet years ago. They were affordable and smoking was acceptable: no problem, everyone happy! No stress, no anxiety and no trauma.

How things have changed! Smoking is now unacceptable. Smokers are very restricted in where they can smoke: they have become social lepers. This is where the stress comes in. A packet of cigarettes now costs $20. The cost is causing major stress, plus – more importantly – it is seriously affecting their health, which in the long run is more important than the cost.Stressed man

It’s now a political issue. The two major parties in politics are talking of putting the price of a packet up to $40, the majority of which is tax. They both claim cigarettes are ruining the health of the smoker – with which I fully agree. I also cynically think the extra revenue is a major factor.

Whichever way you look at it, smoking creates major stress and frustration. Trying to giving it up creates anxiety.

Quitting via hypnosis takes away the stress. Also, there are no drugs involved. The process is not rocket science. All I am doing is changing the belief in the subconscious mind. They don’t need the cigarettes. I also stress the point that the person must want to quit. I can only help the client to do what they want to do. I don’t control the client. I can’t control them. I help them do what they want to do: I do not deviate from that.

This way, the stress and anxiety just dissipate. They are saving money by not having to buy cigarettes at $20 per packet – in the future having to pay $40 per packet! The average wage earner will have more stress with all the necessary living expenses. The extra stress will just rocket: not only will it be detrimental to their health but the basic effect of the cigarettes will be as before. The major benefits are better health and less stress and anxiety.

Talk to me about getting of the cigarettes and saving yourself a fortune. Although I can’t guarantee success, you need to want to do it for yourself, I have had huge success with helping clients quit smoking and quit for good.