Sleep better at Night & Wake Refreshed

Are you tired of being tired? Then deep relaxation and ease hypnosis brings about can make all the difference. sleep better

Did you know that lack of quality sleep does more than make you grumpy and impact upon your ability to perform? It can also prompt weight gain, impair the immune system and increase the amount of stress hormones released. No wonder it can cause depression!

It comes as no surprise to me to get the same feedback from my clients they’re sleeping better regardless of the issue they came to see me about! And that’s because hypnosis offers relaxation deep relaxation and helps you deal with stress more effectively.

Of course, your problem might be a physical condition like sleep apnea, or medication induced. However, in most cases, the problem lies in the mind. And, as hypnosis can reach deep into the subconscious, it is the perfect solution for many chronic sufferers.

Both a personal session and a hypnosis CD work well with this condition. In the personal session I am able to utilise the releasing ability of EFT. In the CD, you have the added benefit of being able to play it while going to sleep, for as many nights as you need it. It can also be used during times of particular physical and emotional stress.

Wake up to the potential of a great night’s sleep. Click here for an appointment or to order a specially-made relaxation CD or call (07) 5500 5573 to speak to Roland James.