Many of us are unaware that we may be suffering from the affects of trauma and the impact that this could be having on our lives.Trauma, Anxiety, Stress - lady having headache

Trauma is often classified into two groups, the first being the result of life threatening events, and the second caused by accumulated, less dramatic events that over time has compounded into underlying trauma, both of which take an emotional toll.

What are some of the main causes of underlying trauma?

Some of the core reasons that underlying trauma may develop range from growing up in a poor home environment to having a dysfunctional marriage, dealing with high-stress work environments or even being severely bullied at school.

While we may learn to live with trauma, over time it accumulates and often comes to a head, which is when it can’t be ignored anymore.

This is why The Richards Trauma Process is vital, as it’s a process used to effectively resolve both extreme trauma and trauma related issues.

How is trauma resolved through The Richards Trauma Process? 

TRTP™ is a structured form of therapy that treats trauma and the corresponding issues that are often the result, such as depression and anxiety, as well as fears and phobias.

A dynamic treatment, TRTP™ involves different components, including:

• Choice therapy
• Mindfulness
• Dream rehearsal therapy
• Parts therapy
• Hypnosis for anxiety
• Emotion focused therapy
• Motivational interviewing
• Cognitive therapy
• Ego-state therapy

Hypnosis is a crucial therapy for dealing with trauma and anxiety in the subconscious. With both extreme and underlying trauma there are often unconscious beliefs that leave trauma sufferers stuck in set patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

By using hypnosis, trauma sufferers who may be dealing with anxiety are transported to a place of empowerment, where the therapist can speak directly to the subconscious mind and body and change these detrimental set patterns to a self regulated state, effectively calming the sympathetic nervous system.

Using TRTP™, the trauma is left in the past and the mind and body realise they are safe.

Why is TRTP™ so effective in resolving trauma?

While many other forms of therapy focus on the symptoms of trauma, TRTP™ directly addresses and deals with the underlying cause, removing the emotions connected with the past incident. This results in the sufferer becoming empowered and the sympathetic nervous system changing from a fight or flight mode to a calm state.

Although the incident may be recalled at some point in the future, it won’t hold the same traumatic significance, because the subconscious mind has resolved the emotional concern.

If you’re suffering from extreme trauma due to a life changing event or underlying trauma due to negative life experiences, you can find out more about The Richards Process by contacting Roly today.

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