You Can Change Your Life When You Quit Smoking

Relief from the Stress at the same time

Information, that is important to all smokers. The more you understand how nicotine has a negative effect, not only on your physical body, also on your mind.  Which at the subconscious level, leads to Anxiety, Stress, Frustration and perhaps ultimately Trauma. You think the cigarette relaxes you, it does not.  You think it stimulates you, it does not. Nicotine is a powerful drug, it fools you.

Cigarettes contain 1000’s of chemicals that you would never normally put into your body. These chemicals you normally avoid at all costs,  DDT, tar, carbon monoxide, arsenic and formaldehyde (gas used to preserve animals) Also nicotine.  This is the chemical that causes the addictive habit. Nicotine effect not only the body, also the brain.Smoking

Nicotine (or continine which is a nicotine by-product) is a greedy drug.  When the nicotine is inhaled, it enters the lungs where it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, it is then carried to the heart, liver spleen, brain and other systems of the body.  It effect the hormonal system, blood vessels, sexual organs and sex drive.  It lowers the temperature, also reduces blood flow to the legs and feet.  How more negative do you want?

It has a negative effect on your health and your pocket. I never cease to be amazed on how quickly a person can recover.  May times a lady, probably in her late fifties early sixties, comes for help to quit smoking.  They come back the following week and I can hardly recognise them.  The texture has returned to their skin. Not only that, they have taken control of something that was previously controlling them.  So their self-esteem rises.

It reduces stress anxiety and they are less inclined to be depressed.Leanne - Heavy Smoker

Enjoy Christmas and you may want to be free of cigarettes before Christmas. Or start the New Year as none smoker. Not only do I help you to become a none smoker, I give you all the support to stay a none smoker.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and Stress Free New Year. So your anxiety dissipates away.  Remember the only way you are going is into the future.  You have the ability to design your future with positive thoughts.

If you’d like more information about how I can help you to Quit Smoking please call me on (07) 5500 5573