Be Positive And Think Positive

To Help With Stress And Anxiety

I have previously blogged on thoughts which either create stress and anxiety or eliminate stress and anxiety. I want to use this blog to talk more about the power of thoughts. Basically, all we are, are thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts are more powerful than words. Also, thoughts travel. This is a fact that many people can’t get their minds around. If they can’t see, feel, hear, smell or taste it, they have difficulty in believing that it exists. I’m now going to relate a short case history of a client, which has compounded my belief in the fact that thoughts travel: they are more powerful than words. In addition, the power of thoughts helps to eliminate stress and anxiety.stress & anxiety - Lady suffering

An elderly lady came to me to help her stop smoking. In many cases it’s straight forward: I always ask them what else is going on in their lives. If they are dealing with an emotional problem, I help them take the emotion away. The situation is not the problem, it’s the negative emotion of the situation that has created stress and anxiety.

The lady’s son had got married and for some reason the son’s wife did not want the son to have any contact with his mother. They did not live very far away and also had a baby, which the son’s mother had never seen. Men might understand the trauma of the situation but for a mother it’s an extremely major issue and really only a mother can fully understand the stress and anxiety that the son’s mother was going through.

When the lady client was in a state of hypnotic trance she was very relaxed and comfortable, with eyes closed. I will emphasise that when a client is in this state of trance, I am not controlling them: I can’t control them. I am putting them even more in control.ID-100267317

I asked her to imagine a screen in front of her with her son behind the screen. I told her he can see you, he can hear you, he can’t at this time speak to you. Now tell him exactly what are in your thoughts, pour everything out, preferably under your breath, so I can’t hear you. This way you can really pour everything out and not be embarrassed. When you have finished, nod to let me know. Now the son will speak to you; listen to what he has to say. When he has finished, let the conversation go backwards and forwards and really clear the air. I asked her what the son had to say. He said he was just going along with his wife and not causing any waves.

She came back the following week and told me the son had been round to see her! This is not an isolated case. I have used this technique on many occasions and it’ a great tool to take away stress and anxiety.

‘The truth shall set you free’. Clearing the air with truth and honesty takes away the stress and anxiety.

Thoughts travel; thoughts are more powerful than words, there is no limit to the distance they can travel.

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