PNG Natives and Cruisers who are the most Stressed?

Just returned from a two week cruise around the PNG islands, Visiting Doini Island, Alotau, Kitava and Milne Bay. Now sitting back and reflecting on the comparisons between the passengers on the cruise and the Natives of PNG IslandsPNG Natives

PNG is still third world and due to circumstances, will still be there for some time. The passengers on the cruises are the more wealth members of society.  Living in the modern word.  With all the material conveniences, plus state of the art health facilities, on the surface they have everything.

The people of PNG Islands just have the means to exist. That is where they are and the ability to better themselves is very limited. Their main occupation is producing children, I have never seen so many children. They have no expensive toys.  I think I only saw one bicycle and that was ridden by an adult.  All those children had a smile on their faces.  There was no sign of stress or anxiety.  The same with the adults no stress and there was nothing to create anxiety.   Their houses are primitively built from local materials.  No electricity and no running water.  Cooking utensils just a few pots and pans on an open fire.  Food what they produce locally, mainly fruit and vegetables, a few hens running around to eventually eat after they have produced eggs.

That is it, yet they still have a smile on their faces and no sign of stress, anxiety or trauma. No mortgages no electricity bills no water bills.  Not worried about their super fund.  No stress fPNG Business Man Stressedrom stock market crashes.  Probably not knowing about the troubles in the outside world.

The passengers on the cruise ship.  What a contrast, they mainly smiled when posing for the many photos.  Everywhere there was a professional photographer.  Hiding their stress and anxiety with that false cheesy smile.  Majority were fairly well off, or they would not be on the cruise.   Stress about their health, majority over weight.  They had made their wealth due to their work ethics, now worried how they can keep it or add to it.   Very Stressful and anxious times. Still keeping up with the problems of the modern world with the cruise ship’s advanced communication systems.  Adding to their stress and anxiety due to the worlds precarious financial position, effecting their finances.  So they could not be able to go on the next cruise.  Or not replacing their Mercedes.

These comments may be a little excessive.  The main point, who has the most stress.   Wealth does not eliminate stress anxiety or trauma.  In most cases it adds to it.  After that comment, I think the people of the PNG Islands would like a little bit of that wealth.  Wether that would create stress is a point that would take another blog