Roland James Hypnosis Cowboy Doctor

As we go through life we come across incidents or quotes from other people and situations that stick in our minds.  You say to yourself that’s good, that makes sense, I will remember that, it may come in handy.

Where it comes from

Where I got this and from and who, I have no idea.  I just think it’s very relevant to what is happening to us in this fast changing world.  Technology is not only advancing it’s accelerating.

We are confused with our past and wish we had done different.  Obviously we can’t change it, we can take the negative emotion out of it.  This I described in one of my previous recordings.  We are concerned with future. This is understandable. What you do in the present can have a contribution on the future.

In this present environment why are we more stressed?

Things have changed. A lot.

Previously a person left school, his schooling depended on the social situation of his parents. He or she started in a trade or profession, that is where they stayed during their working lives.  The opportunity to develop and progress, where very limited. Also the majority of the population didn’t move far from where they were born

How this has changed.  The trades and professions have changed. When you have got used to your trade or profession, it has advanced on, or may become obsolete.  You are on the tread mill of life, striving to catch up, when you think you have caught up, technology has shot on.

No more.

I think it was a song or play Stop the world I want to get off.  Have you ever felt like that?  I have several times.  I will be quoting several of my personal experiences. I have been through life, made many mistakes. I shouldn’t have said mistakes.  I have had lessons and experiences.  Perhaps I’m a slow learner.

We are on the treadmill of life.  We do have the ability to cope with it.

Be relaxed and at one with yourself in the present

At last I will get around to my story. It’s from an orthopedic surgeon from one of the American cowboy states, probably Texas.  His favourite pastime was watching the rodeos.  Probably some of his professional time fixing up the bronk riders.

Here is his quote

Each morning the Good Lord deals you a  hand of cards.  Each day you play that hand to the best of your ability.

The next day the Good Lord hands a new hand of card.   You play that hand to the best of your ability.

It’s typical of American folk culture and it makes a lot of sense.