Pass Your Exams with Flying Colours

Hypnosis is ideal for that most stressful of occasions – exams. Yes, you’ll still have to study. But it will help stop your mind from going blank when it comes to the crunch! That’s because exam jitters are caused by the fear of failure. ¬†pass exams

Now, fear isn’t all bad. To some extent, it helps to focus the mind. Unfortunately, for the unlucky ones it stresses the conscious mind to such an extent that it blocks the great mine of information waiting in the subconscious.

Face-to-face sessions with me will certainly help, but this is another area in which my hypnosis CDs are excellent. The trick is to listen to it in the weeks leading up to your exam and then, as a refresher, within the 24 hours prior to it.

Combined with conscientious study, it will relax your conscious mind sufficiently enough … so that when it comes to exam time you will be able to access the information you ‘put into’ your subconscious when studying.

Interested in passing with flying colours?

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