Bullying has many forms.

It can involve physical attacks, but studies on school-aged children have demonstrated that non-physical forms such as verbal abuse, isolation, and rumour spreading can be just as detrimental. bullying

It can happen anywhere – at work, school, in families, or even among “friends”.

Signs of Bullying

Bullying occurs when anybody holds an imbalance of power to harm or distress a child. Signs your child may be a victim include:

  • Missing/damaged items
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Stress-related illnesses including stomach aches, headaches, bed wetting, or out of the ordinary screaming
  • Weakened immune systems which may cause an increase in common childhood illnesses
  • Sleep issues
  •  Changes in attitudes toward school
  • Unusual violent reactions
  • New interest in violence, weapons, or self-defense
  • Seclusion through gaming and videos
  •  Sudden bullying behaviour towards other children or pets
  • Poor academic performance
  • Truancy
  • Sudden irrational fear of school
  • Mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem which can have long-lasting effects into adulthood.

I often see patients have display symptoms of depression, low self-esteem and confidence who say they experienced a form of bullying as a child. Years later they may still re-experience the emotional trauma of their childhood bullying as if it were still happening today.

Childhood is an impressionable time where we are still learning about ourselves and our place in the world. If our childhood experiences taught us that we are ‘not good enough’ or ‘nobody likes us’ then we will learn not to place a high value on ourselves.

Hypnotherapy has helped many of my clients improve their confidence and self-esteem after being the victims of childhood bullying at school, by their family members, and even by their adult peers. How will hypnotherapy help you or your child if you are the victim of bullying?

Hypnotherapy can help you or your child increase confidence and feel strong enough to either report the bullying or say something to put a stop to the bullying.

Helping Your Child

If your child is the victim, it is essential that they know you are there for them. Hypnotherapy will help your child to process and eliminate the negative emotions caused by bullying in a safe place. I can help you or your child boost confidence and self-esteem, let go of the past, and encourage their or your mind to learn how to develop healthy relationships.

The power of agreeing to work together to release you or your child from the negative impact through hypnotherapy is enormous and can help reduce fear and anxiety. Through hypnosis or guided visualisation therapy, I can help you or your child break down negative patterns caused by bullying and build confidence.

If you were bullied as a child the memories can still affect your confidence or ability to make friends or trust people into adulthood. Hypnotherapy can help you increase your confidence, deal with past emotional trauma, and live your best life.