Bullying – it’s one of the most difficult things any individual can face during their lifetime, and it’s not just something that affects kids.

We most often think of bullying as something that happens at school, but in fact, sadly, it usually continues into adult life in far more subtle but equally devastating ways.

Whether it’s a bigger kid stealing your lunch money or calling you hurtful names, or a co-worker repeatedly disrespecting you and telling lies in the staff room, it’s all hurtful behaviour that can take its toll on your self-esteem. In this article, we discuss how you can use hypnotherapy to heal yourself, even when one or two people are intent on making you miserable.


It is perhaps the ultimate frustration for a bully, watching someone you dislike flourish even as you try to torment them. It’s also likely to take away some of the power that they’ve managed to build up for themselves within their own head.

This will actually help other people too who might have otherwise been potential victims, as the bully realises they are not indestructible, and that their petty methods for intimidation and cruelty aren’t always going to work. Whilst the anxiety bullies manage to create in both adults and children can seem scary, it’s easy to understand and therefore possible to counteract.


Whilst hypnotherapy and bullying might seem an unlikely pair of words to be linked in a sentence, the two are being increasingly talked about in cohesion, with research showing hypnotherapy as an effective method for dealing with bullying-related anxiety.

When an individual is bullied, especially during childhood, it is easy to lock this fear away into the subconscious mind, leaving it to fester for years with no confrontation. As one example, if one of the first children a child meets at school is intent on bullying them, they might then associate a sense of fear with meeting all new people just in case they are equally mean.

This can eventually create a toxic cycle, as children who were bullied either by their parents or by other bullies are more likely to become bullies themselves at some point in their life.

To tackle this anxiety, then, we must explore the subconscious mind. Using techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Emotional Freedom Technique, those who have been bullying victims in the past are able to shrug off the weight that past bullying has left them with for many years.

Roland James Hypnotherapy

It is hard to forgive, and even harder to forget, but with the assistance of trusted hypnotherapy techniques, many people find themselves getting to a far healthier, more accepting state of mind.

It is possible to replace the negative feelings and emotions normally associated with bullying with feelings of strength instead.

In this way, the production of stress hormones associated with anxiety, such as adrenaline, can be reduced to a point where the emotions associated with memories of bullying can be controlled in a healthy way in order to provide empowerment and fortitude, rather than fear and panic.