My analogy of the Richards Process

Judith Richards

The Richards Process is something I have been practising for the last two years.  Prior to that I considered myself an accomplished practitioner.  I was satisfied with results that I was achieving.  Many of my clients were personal referrals.  I also had excellent testimonials and short video clips – see them here on my site.

I have to attend so many workshops a year to keep up my qualifications.  At one event the main speaker for one of the workshops cancelled due to illness, Judith Richards was a ring-in.  Her presentation made sense.  Some of the presenters were, in my opinion, wafflers.

First she gave her background of where she was coming from.   In her first marriage she had been extremely abused and traumatised, both physically and mentally – to the extent that she couldn’t show her face in public.  She didn’t go under; she worked out how to fix it.  She then studied hypnotherapy and used that skill as the tool.  She worked up a very good practice using the skill of hypnosis and the knowledge of what she had been through in her own personal life.  When she finished her presentation she stated she intended to run a two-day course to teach other therapists her own personal skills.  I immediately shot up my hand and fortunately I was one of the group she selected.

As we go through life there are milestones that, on reflection, have a major influence on our lives.  One of the main ones in my life was joining the Royal Marines.  That was a period which changed my life.  I’m extremely proud of having had that experience.  If I relate any more I will be digressing.

The course was excellent, Judith being a very accomplishes presenter.   The basic principle is not rocket science.  Here are the principal facts.  To my belief, the majority of us are born perfect.  A small proportion may be born physically or mentally handicapped.  This is our basic right, to be physically and mentally OK and be happy.  This is my opinion and some of you may disagree.

As we go through life we take on ideas and beliefs that are not ours.  We do not ask for them.  The vast majority are not even true.  Many of us, in our childhood days, take on the beliefs and principles of our parents which were probably applicable in their childhood, but not now. Followed by our teenage years: relationships, marriages and also the workplace.  The list can go on and on.

People say they have dealt with it.  In many cases they have not.  Their experiences are not the problem, it’s the negative emotion that is still down in the subconscious mind.  The Richards Process has the ability to clear out the negative effect of those experiences .  The experience in itself is OK.  It’s valuable information of your future.  Some of those experiences may be quite dramatic.  The value is that you have learned from them and you will not go down that track again.  Your life is full of experiences and lessons.  Taking the negative emotion away is like taking a heavy weight off your shoulders.

That is the principle of the ‘Richard Process’.  It’s not rocket science.  It works. It has lifted my    therapy to a whole new level.

The way I like to describe it: you have a large pot of dirty water and all the dirt settles down at the bottom.  Outwardly the water looks clear.  The situation with us is that all the negative emotions of the past have settled down in the subconscious mind.  When you boil the water in the pot, the water bubbles up, all the dirt rises from the bottom and boils over the top.   When the water cools down all the dirt has been cleared away leaving clear water.   The principle of the Richards Process is clearing out all the negative emotions of the past, leaving you free to go into the future without that weight around your shoulders.

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