Hypnotherapy to help you manage your stress and stay calm.

We live in a stressful society and, unfortunately, the many stressors that fill our daily lives aren’t going to go away. One of the reasons for that is that stress is a normal response to life’s challenges. In other words, stress itself isn’t negative or unhealthy. It’s how we handle it that makes all the difference.

Learning to cope with stressfree of stress and depression with the Richards Process
Think about it. The ‘fight or flight’ mechanism is deep within us and has often ‘saved’ us from greater harm or pushed us to great achievements. Top athletes use the adrenaline that surges into their bodies during competitive events to perform better. Actors funnel it into their roles; executives into creating business success.

It’s only when we are in an unremitting state of stress that it can create disease – from the mild to the fatal. Bad temper, insomnia, irritable bowel, headaches, depression, heart disease, a stroke. These are just some of the effects.

The trick is to become physically relaxed and mentally calm – no matter what we’re facing. In other words, control how you respond to your environment.

Ready – set – go! Cut Your Stress Levels!
Of course, it’s difficult to be mentally calm if your body is tense … or vice versa. So, first and foremost, I help you relax your body and conscious mind.

Then, we can work on the subconscious triggers that affect you.

Finally, we work on setting goals, which is an important part of the process.

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Stress and Hypertension Clinical Trial –

A trial compared Hypnosis with biofeedback or a combination of both. All groups had significant reduction in blood pressure.1 However, at a six-month follow-up, only patients receiving Hypnosis had maintained the reduction.2

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