Your Daily Life Is A Gamble

The knock-on affect is stress and anxiety

My two previous blogs I have discusses gambling it’s addiction, how it creates Stress and Anxiety, probably leading to Trauma.  The second blog, helping a client with his gambling shared a unique twist, in that, when I attempted to treat this person for smoking addiction it happened to be the same person who wrote the book which had a blue print to win at roulette!   This client was driving a taxi and his final outcome and factual statement on gambling was that “greed finally takes over”.    In the end you finally lose.

Life is a gamble, your career depends on the odds you take.  The majority of my life I farmed in the UK.  You planted a crop, you depended on the weather, the conditions at harvest time and finally the market, as to what price you were going to get.   The same with animals, their health the availability of food and finally the market.  Vegetables even more so as you are dealing with a product that is very perishable. My own experience, it creates stress and anxiety.  Farming in Australia even more so with floods, droughts etc.  Dependent on the weather the market and the political environment; one of them is going to get you.  The incidents of suicides in farming is alarming.  Extreme stress and anxiety and finally extreme trauma. In my eyes Farming is a gamble.

Your career, if you are in sales and reliant on commission.   The odds of stress anxiety are much higher, than if you had a stable government job, with an income linked pension. If you are unemployed out of work, living on social handout, you still have stress and anxiety, created by boredom lack of money and frustration.  Which creates stress anxiety within the family.

Which ever way you look at life, it’s a of stress and depression with the Richards Process

The answer is to have the ability to adjust and be flexible with change.  Have balance.  My previous blogs, I put emphases the A,  B,  C,  Attitude, Balance and Control.    Although the attitude and control are, important without balance you will create stress and anxiety.  Helping gambling addiction, I have a good success rate, as I go into the reason why they are gambling.  I take away the stress and anxiety that has built up in their subconscious mind.  Not only helping with the addiction.  I help them with the ability to stay off and gain freedom

Freedom is the ultimate prize. Free of stress and anxiety and depression.

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