The first thing I do with my clients is, fully explain hypnosis and what it really is.  A great number of people have a false belief of hypnosis, mainly because of hypnosis as an entertainment. It’s in the interests of the stage hypnosis to create a sense of mystery.  I take away that mystery.

I can only help someone who wants to be helped.  I can only help the person in the way they want to be helped.  If I venture into an area where that  person is uncomfortable, the subconscious immediate rejects it.  I can’t control anyone, I do not want to control anyone.  I put them in control, in the area where they want to be in control.

Hypnosis is perfectly safe.   The client has a problem.  I help take the negative emotion out of the past, balance the present, so they go into the future with believability and focus

My mantra.Total believability and focus will take you to where ever you want to go.  The negative emotions of the past is like a break, a weight on the shoulders.

A business has a work force.

The group of employees can be the success or the failure of that business.

Anyone of the employees, regardless of age or gender.  Who is being bullied, intimidated or lacks self esteem.  My downloadable recordings will help.

There are several ways it will help.  Not only the individual employee, also the company.  Not only will the employee gain self esteem and self  respect.  The change in attitude of that employee will have a knock on effect on the rest of the work force.

The company will have less absenteeism, less turn over in staff, more motivated staff.  This will be evident in better productivity. The dollar value of a more harmonious work force is eminence.  Far greater than one would first imagine

Far more profit for the company’s balance sheet

Everyone wins  !!!