Do You Need to Increase Your Confidence and Self Esteem?

Your level of self esteem is usually totally wrapped around your life experiences – particularly those that occurred during your childhood. Furthermore, even those whose level of self esteem isconfidence usually high can suffer from times of challenge.

Life isn’t always fair. Even the happiest person can suffer setbacks. Experts theorise that your level of self worth has a huge effect on how well you weather the storms daily life can bring your way.

If you feel your thoughts and opinions don’t carry much weight; you feel stuck in negative thought patterns; you struggle to appreciate yourself; believe you’re not worth very much; engage in destructive or self-destructive behaviours; feel helpless, powerless or depressed … chances are you have self-esteem issues.

Hypnotherapy certainly can help you to increase confidence levels and reduce negative thoughts about yourself. In my private sessions, I take you back to the issue/s that underly your low sense of self. Using a combination of NLP and EFT, I help you move past those damaging events … into a place of new-found confidence.

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