Improve your memory with Hypnosis

We’ve all heard the stories about how the older you get, the worse your memory gets. Others say that they were born with a ‘bad memory’ … that it’s part of their make-up and, so, they’re stuck with it.

Well, I believe that we all have perfectly good memories – no matter how old or young you are. All we have to do is access the information. Sometimes it’s stress that creates the ‘block’. Other times it’s the repetition of a belief. After all, what you believe and focus on usually ends up happening (manifesting)!every moment is a memory

If you fit into the ‘category’ of being born with a ‘bad memory’, chances are you didn’t really pay attention when people were telling you things, being wrapped up in your own thoughts/imagination at the time. So you were probably told repeatedly that you have a bad memory. Chances are, you believed them then … and still do.

If your memory lapses are stress related, getting your mind to relax will help a lot. The exercises I have on my relaxation CD will do the rest.

And then there are the age-related memory issues. Although I cannot help with something like Alzheimers, there’s a lot I can do for those of you who’re simply ‘getting forgetful’!

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