Improve your Golf Game with Hypnosis

The most defining element of your golf handicap is your mind. Golf lessons, books, videos and so on can help to a certain point. But, ultimately, it is how and what you believe about your ability that makes all the difference. improve your golf

As far as I am concerned, if you’ve been playing for years, your handicap will not change until you stop playing golf with your conscious mind. The reason for this is simple. The subconscious mind knows everything your body needs to do into order to play a great game of golf – if only you could let it be in control while you’re lining the shots up.

Once again, hypnosis is the way to get there. With private sessions or a personalised CD, I will be able to help you relax, believe in your inherent ability and focus on that perfect shot. With your subconscious to the fore, you will find your game steadily improves.

Stop evaluating, judging and criticising your game. Learn how to relax and play like a pro instead. Click here to enquire about an appointment or call (07) 5500 5573.