Is hypnosis to stop smoking worthwhile?

Yes, hypnosis to stop smoking is worthwhile, meaning that it has been tested and proven to be an effective way to quit the habit. As it stands, 50 million Americans are addicted to nicotine, which is the addictive substance in cigarettes and other tobacco-based products. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, nicotine is a drug that affects brain function, just like any other street drug you know!

If you’ve been struggling with nicotine addiction for some time now, you know that quitting is not easy. So, how come hypnosis, sometimes known as hypnotherapy, is so compelling?

quit smokingWhy Hypnotherapy Is Effective For Nicotine Cessation

Nicotine addiction is an acquired or learned habit, like any other, e.g., nail-biting, teeth-grinding, alcoholism, etc. The good thing is that about learned behavior is that it can be unlearned.

The human brain is unique and can learn to forget or shut off any habit, no matter how deeply ingrained it is. That’s precisely how hypnosis to stop smoking works – by re-educating and retraining the subconscious to forget the routine.

But that’s not all; a good therapist will use various techniques to help the victim deal with any painful past experiences that may have contributed to the addiction. By addressing the trigger itself, the chances of a relapse are reduced drastically.

Individual Journey

Of course, hypnotherapy for nicotine addiction is an individual journey. This means that for the therapy to work well, your therapist will create an individualized treatment plan to address your triggers, level of addiction, and any other issues they might identify.

Treatment usually begins with the introduction/orientation phase, where your therapist gets to know more about you, and you get to learn more about them too. The more they get to know you and understand your dependence, the easier it will be for them to hatch the right treatment plan. That’s why it’s crucial to find a therapist that you feel at ease with -that way, it will be easier for you to open up to them.

Also, for treatment to succeed, the decision to stop must come from you as a person and not from anyone else, e.g., a spouse, parent, employer, etc. Success largely depends on your level of commitment as the client and not on the desire to please or satisfy someone else’s desires or demands.

Stress Management Therapy

Hypnosis to stop smoking must also be combined with stress management for each treatment plan to work well. This is usually offered to help the nicotine-dependent manage the stress that usually comes from various sources, e.g., past experiences that may have triggered the addiction, current problems caused by the addiction itself, pressure to end the addiction from family and friends, etc. Once the victim can handle or manage stress, recovery becomes effortless.

Hypnosis CDs for Smoking Cessation

A hypnosis CD is a powerful tool that a reputable therapist will likely use as part of the recovery program. Of course, whether to use or not to use CD therapy will depend on individual needs. However, it’s something that works well for most people.

The CDs carry general or customized instructions, which can be extremely helpful in dealing with stress and resolving the problem at hand. If applicable, your therapist will provide you with a CD or a couple of them to use during your own time.

In some cases, the therapist will record all sessions and deliver them to you once they are ready. That way, you can listen to the sessions again and again without having to pay for an extra session. This, of course, will not only quicken your recovery but will also help keep you on track during your weak moments.

Social Support

While it’s true that hypnotherapy works wonders for smoking addiction, social support is a crucial part of the whole process. It may be the key to beating the triggers, handling stress, and achieving a smoke-free life. The support of your family, friends, and other people in your social circle will go a long way in helping you to recover fully and faster. Don’t be shy or ashamed to ask for their help and emotional support.

How many hypnotherapy sessions can cure your nicotine addiction?

Once again, the number of sessions varies on the individual treatment devised by your therapist. The level of dependency and commitment to stop are just factors that determine the number of sessions.

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