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In My Experience, Hypnotherapy Is An Excellent Way To Quit Smoking.

You must come to a minimum of two sessions. However, this package deal also offers a smoking relapse safety blanket, if you like: a personalised CD of the key points. Use it to keep you a non-smoker!

If you undergo a crisis situation and feel tempted to begin smoking again within 12 months of your last session, make an appointment to see me immediately. It will be free of charge!

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Stop Smoking Marijuana with Hypnotherapy

Addiction to marijuana isn’t sudden or overnight, but it can slowly begin to take over your life to the point that you feel like you can’t function unless you smoke.

Unfortunately, marijuana isn’t as harmless as once thought, and can cause anxiety, rapid onset of schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, psychosis, and lack of motivation.

Physical symptoms of regular cannabis/marijuana use can also include damage to brain function and the immune system, stroke, memory loss, fatty liver, malnutrition, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Any type of drugs or alcohol can also have a severe effect on people’s lives, including the possibility of losing their job and their close relationships, and it’s also incredibly hard for family and friends to watch an addict suffer, while they are unable to do anything to help.

And the difficulty is that, as an addict, you may be the last person to recognise that you have a problem.

There’s Good News

But, there’s good news, too. You don’t have to suffer with your addiction and you can get help to gain control of your life back.

Hypnosis is an effective, non-judgmental way to deal not only with your marijuana addiction, but also with any underlying issues that may have contributed to your addiction.

How Can Hypnosis Help You?

You’ll have as many private hypnotherapy sessions as you need to help you with your addiction. No-one else will be there but you and me, so you can feel secure, comfortable and in control.

In a relaxed, comfortable session, or series of sessions, hypnosis will help your subconscious to take in and accept my suggestions to relax and feel clear-headed.

I’ll also be able to help you find the underlying causes for your addiction and give you self-hypnosis techniques that you can use going forward so you’re the one in control of how you feel and what you think, not your addiction.

Can you imagine feeling clear-headed and able to focus, to really feel and experience your life fully, without a haze of smoke in between you and everything there is out there to enjoy?

It’s Your Life. Take Control of it.

You really can have all of that and start to take back control of your life today.

The first step is the hardest to take. You do have to reach out and give us a call to schedule your sessions.

You might find that it’s hard to admit that you’ve got a problem and worry about how I’ll deal with your call, but there’s no need to worry.

I run a professional hypnotherapy clinic, dealing with all manner of issues, and when you call, you’ll find no judgement from me, just a safe space, where you can receive the help that you need.

Why not pick up the phone and book your hypnotherapy session today, for a smoke-free life that’s under your control?

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Roland James is a qualified hypnotherapist.  His wide range of life experience , deep empathy and understanding ensures you receive holistic, professional and long lasting results.

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Treating Addiction with Hypnosis

Addiction has many different faces and forms in our lives, from being unable to resist that extra bit of chocolate to the more serious and damaging addiction of illicit substances like marijuana.

Many people are unable to quit their addiction by themselves, but it doesn’t make you weak to ask for help, as addiction is much more serious than just a bad habit. Addiction is a disease that affects an addict’s brain, psyche and body, manifesting itself through intense and extremely challenging cravings that both psychologically and physically affect an individual.