People suffering from gambling addiction are often stereotyped as either having an obsession with money or as being in extreme debt.stop gambling

In actual fact, an addicted gambler rarely cares if they win or lose: they are primarily wrapped up in the chase and the pure adrenaline associated with taking risks and punting on the unknown.

Gambling addiction is an impulse-control disorder.

Personalities suffering the disorder will gamble whether they are happy, depressed, alone or even when they are surrounded by friends and family.

Their mood altering behaviour can be hidden in the form of an obsession with playing cards, gambling on horses, playing online games or even betting on reality TV show outcomes.

One of the most challenging components of overcoming the ‘hidden disease’ is recognising its existence in the first place.

There are four simple signs that could indicate that you have a problem and need to seek gambling addiction help.

1. You Don’t Know When to Stop

Even if you have set yourself a financial spend limit or even a time limit, you find it impossible to stick to your initial goals.

You can’t stop withdrawing more money, and telling yourself that you will have one more bet; just one more.

2. You are Deceitful

You avoid telling your family and friends what you have been up to. You feel that they will not understand or maybe they will want a share of a big win.

3. You are Gambling Money you Don’t Have

The fun impulsiveness that started your addiction has long gone. In this circumstance, you have now become desperate.

Not only are you worried about those close to you finding out, you are still excited about that next big win and are betting more and more each time. The desperation associated with gambling money that you can’t afford can lead to credit card defaults, anxiety, loans and even theft.

4. Your Family and Friends are Worried about you

If someone close to you has flagged that you may have a problem, listen to them. It has been just as hard for them to address the situation as it has been for you to acknowledge what they are saying.

Once you have acknowledged that you have a problem, the below three ways can be utilised to receive gambling addiction help.

Try Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for gambling has a large success rate. Gambling (click here)  is a behavioural problem and hypnotherapy trains your subconscious to change its perspective on gambling, ultimately eliminating the compulsive nature of your addiction.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

If your gambling originally stemmed from a social situation, remove yourself from that environment. While kicking the habit, it’s important to surround yourself with positive and supportive peers who do not gamble. Rid yourself of the temptation.

Find another Outlet

Your gambling was once a hobby that has now spiraled out of control. Recovering gamblers need to find an alternative to fill that time.

Focus on positive activities that will encourage a rewarding feeling such as learning a new skill, or exercising.

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