roland james hypnosis moth in a vaseWe have our past present and our future.  The only one that we are in right now is the present.

We can reflect on the past. Worry about it. Be concerned about it.  But there is no way we can change what is happened in our past.  The way we worry about our past and get stressed out about it is effecting our present and then our future.

A simple way to look at past troubles

We take away the negative emotions of the past so you can be comfortable in the present.

Then you have the ability to go forward into the future with believability and focus.

Of course, the past is very important in our lives.  Our past is full of experiences and valuable lessons.  There may be something or from the past that is still stressing you.  Whatever it was, it likely held a valuable lesson. It may be something you regret, or you have  been embarrassed about.  That’s not the point.

The point is that you are very much wiser and informed and you will not go down that track again. The older we get, the more experiences and lessons we have in our lives.

There is a saying “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders.”  When you are young, you tend to regard that statement as having no value.

I think the older we get the less we seem to know. When you think you know all the answers, someone goes and changes the questions, right?

Think of it like this

You have a moth in a glass vase.

Underneath the bottom of the vase is a glowing light bulb.

Above the vase is the sun.

The moth is trying to get to the light that is beneath the vase. The moth can’t get to it, though. There is glass between the moth and the light.

The moth represents the present, the light beneath the vase represents the past. It doesn’t matter how hard the moth tries to get to the light,. It simply cannot.

Similarly you can’t get back to your past. You can only think about it and reflect on it. And probably worry about it.

There is a path for you

The sun above the glass represents the future.

There is no cork in the top of the vase, but remember there is glass on the bottom. The moth (you) can go into the future (towards the sun), but it can’t go back into the past. The moth can’t smash through the bottom of the vase.

The moth can either keep bumping its head on the glass at the bottom of the vase or fly out through the top where there are no restrictions.

You can either be frustrated and stressed about  your past or you can go into the future with believability and focus with all the experiences and lessons of the past to guild and help you.

Which way will you go?

Does this story resonate with you? Do you ever feel like you’re fighting to break through to a time in your past?

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