I was skeptical when my dad suggested we see a hypnotist together to help me quit smoking. I didn’t understand how hypnosis could work and didn’t think it would help me.

However, I wanted to stop smoking, so I decided to try it. Roland, the hypnotist, was amazing. He was understanding and non-judgmental, which put me at ease immediately.

This allowed me to fully engage in the session and follow his suggestions. As a result, I am now 70 days smoke-free. After just two sessions with Roland, I no longer had any desire to smoke.

In fact, I didn’t even crave cigarettes at all. The first week can be difficult, so it’s important to go back for the follow-up session. That “top up” was perfect!

The two sessions, along with Roland’s helpful hints and genuine care in wanting you to quit, helped ensure my success. If you are hesitating, don’t! If the price stops you, don’t let it—you will have paid that off in less than a month of no smoking!

If you genuinely want to give up smoking, just go to Roland. He showed me with hypnotism that I could quit smoking, basically stress-free! Unbelievable! Thanks, Roland!