This gambler’s results blew me away

I have been practicing hypnotherapy for over twenty years and I class myself as a competent therapist. I have studied and attended workshops in England, America and Australia. 

Now and again I get a client whose results blow me away

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I don’t usually work Sundays

A man rang me on a Saturday evening and wanted help to stop gambling.  He was going away for two weeks and he wanted an appointment on the  following day, a Sunday.  

I have never worked on a Sunday. I need that day to relax, clear my mind and get ready for Monday.

I made the appointment for 11.00am Sunday. He arrived right on time.  The session went well.  I pride myself on having a good record treating gamblers.  Not only do I help them stop gambling, I help them find the reason why they gamble in the first place.  

There is always a reason and sometimes it even goes back to their childhood. I also give them twelve months support.   

He came back two weeks later. Not only had he not been gambling, he had also stopped smoking.  This was an extra he asked me to factor in.

He’s up $3,600 in just two weeks 

He had saved $4000 not gambling in those two weeks. He also saved $400 not smoking. My fee was $1000.

That’s a positive $3,600 in just two weeks. Imagine how much his life – and yours – will change with that kind of difference.

It’s your turn

If you gamble more than you think you should, give me a call today. I’m here to help.