Last week my blog related to gambling and how it can create stress, anxiety and depression.  These facts come from my own personal experience from gamblers who I have known and clients who I’ve helped.  Just to emphasise the fact, gambling is one of the most vicious and destructive vices that one can become inflicted with.  Finally sliding down the slippery slope.  Leading to stress, anxiety and depression.Gambling

Here is an interesting twist, with an interesting outcome.  Some time ago in fact a few years ago, a client came to me, his request was to help him with his gambling addiction.  My job is to help the client in whatever direction they want to go.  It is not my job to judge them, or even argue with them.  As long as it fits in with my basic principles and they are not doing any harm to themself or society, it’s OK.  Obviously I’m not going to help them commit a crime.  Also the fact is, there are successful gamblers, my son-in-law being one of them. He has managed two bookmakers shops, he knows the business from top to bottom, he has a very good mathematical brain and he has discipline. He is not what he calls one of the mug punters.  He also has his periods of stress and anxiety, a facts he has accepted.

My new client knew a person who’d made his living playing roulette and had written a book, teaching the principles he applied.  It was quite an extensive booklet, it was not a booklet you could read in half an hour head to the casino with $10 and make a fortune.  You would need at least $800 as your initial bank, as a buffer.  To win you had to accept the fact that your fortune would fluctuate before you came out on top.  He wanted me to help him with his focus and discipline, which he needed to be successful.  Simple things, such as being respectably dressed, perhaps having a coffee and being relaxed, so as to be totally focused.  Then watching his pile of chips grow, then cashing in at the appropriate time.  I saw him several times and he was on track.  His final outcome I don’t know.

Sometime later a client came to quit smoking.  He was the person who wrote the book.  I consider myself as an accomplishes practitioner, they say everyone can be hypnotised.  This client I just could not get through to, he really wanted to be hypnotised, he wanted to quit smoking. What was his occupation now?  He was driving a taxi.  I asked him if his system really worked. Yes he said. Ultimately greed takes over.Stressed man Then stress, anxiety and depression take over.

Here is the mix.  Gambling creates, Stress, Anxiety, Depression probably leading to Trauma.  It’s the slippery slope finally falling into the pit of stress anxiety depression and probably trauma.

If you find yourself sliding into a gambling addiction, feeling stressed by the declining bank balance I’d love to hear from you and help you understand how I can help rebuild your life and put you back on track.

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