Create Your Own Goals

To take away Stress and Anxiety

I have had this little story in mind for eighteen or nineteen years: it relates to my grandson Oliver. He is a very gifted artist and now uses his talent to design and build ‘ecofriendly’ cob houses. His last project was in Senegal, West Africa. (I know you’re thinking, we all think our grandkids are marvellous!).Slide37

When Oliver was young he had a passion for drawing cartoons, all with a humorous angle. He had a Goal to create a unique character called ‘Alan’ who was based around ‘Walter Mitty’. Alan did all the cool things – the way he skateboarded, fished, played basketball and many other things. I have many of Oliver’s cartoon drawings. I am inserting just two.

Without Goals, you are drifting.

The point of this story is that when you have goals and you are aiming at them, you have a purpose. You have a journey in life and you are having experiences from which you are learning.  This positive journey helps to take away stress and anxiety. If you don’t have a Goal you’re drifting – like a boat at sea with the engine stopped and the sails down. You will either drift out to sea or crash on the rocks.Slide38

To help achieve your Goals, its wise to have a role model. If you can’t think of one, design your own. This is what Oliver has done with his cartoons. The first drawing is Alan who does all the cool things. The second one is a mixture of different characters – quite a mixture.

So when you are wondering what to do next, ask yourself “What would my role model do?” Either the person you know or the one you have personally designed. Having Goals, plus using your role model, will help you take away the stress and anxiety in your life. Designing your own role model is a lot of fun. You will be amazed at what you come up with.

This in itself will help to eliminate your stress and anxiety.

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