Having a Goal creates Stress Not having a goal creates Stress

You may think this statement a little confusing. The person having his or her goals even from a young age, is relaxed focused and not stressed. Life is not quite like that.  There is such a thing as change and one’s life will change wether we want it or no. That is a fact and I’m speaking from personal experience. I have had goals and focus, then life takes on an unexpected twist, for reasons beyond my control. Stress anxiety comes crashing down, you say why me? I am not making excuses, that’s life. You speak to an extremely successful person, they will all tell you the very same.ID-100240851

Let us spend a little time looking down the avenue of the person with no goals. Are they stress do they have anxiety? Yes they do, probably no more or no less stress than the person with goals.  The thought for this blog came to me only last week, with a young lady client.  All my clients I ask, what are your goals.  With my therapy I help them down the track to achieve their goals.  To quote the mantra of Jack Mason, my mentor in Indianapolis.

Total focus and believability will take to where ever you want to go

This young lady didn’t have a goal, it worried her, stressed her, although she wanted a goal, not just drift. Let us stand back and look at it, give it a little thought, take the stress and anxiety away. She is in her mid twenties, excellent qualification, good job. Attractive, well spoken with good positive body language.  She was frustrated and stressed, she wanted a goal and work to achieve it. Her present job was OK, not what she really wanted. She will in her own time go to another job. Probably not what she wants. She is not wasting time, she is gathering experience, valuable experience. Job experience and life experience, so when she finds what she really wants, her previous experience will be extremely valuable. To my thinking, she will be more capable than the person with channel vision, who  has no experience outside his job.   When I pointed out these facts, it took away the stress and anxiety. Our journey in life is not a straight line, although we would like it to be. We veer off track and think it’s a mistake and we are wasting time.  We are gathering valuable experience. When we realists this as a positive fact anxiety and stress disappear.success

Don’t worry if you don’t, at the present time have a goal. Enjoy and focus on what you are doing. Appreciate the valuable experience. It’s going to come in useful down the track and you will be a far more interesting person, than the person who has only a single track.