Hypnosis To Stop Gambling - How Hypnotherapy Works To Help Your Gambling Addiction

**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

Do you want to stop gambling?

Hypnosis to stop gambling works by addressing the subconscious mind, where all learned behaviors and addictions are profoundly ingrained or housed. Unlike other forms of therapy, including psychotherapy, which can take years to work, hypnosis tends to work within a relatively short period. It’s known to transform some addictions in a single session – this, however, depends on various factors, including the type of addiction, the length or duration of the habit, and the individual’s zeal to quit.

Is Gambling That Bad?

Gambling is generally considered safe when done responsibly, but just like alcohol, it becomes harmful when consumed irresponsibly. Irresponsible gambling happens when one cannot stop even when it’s clear that the person is losing or has surpassed a set loss limit. It can also occur when a person who has vowed never to gamble again finds themselves going back to the behavior even when the adverse effects of gambling are evident.

According to studies, around 1% of the U.S. population (adults) are severe or excessive gamblers, while Australians have proven to be the world’s heaviest gamblers.

Types of gambling addiction:

While gambling addiction can generally be described as an uncontrollable urge to gamble, the habit can be classified into three main categories:

  1. Problem gambling — when gambling starts to cause various problems in a person’s life. They may or may not understand that their behavior is responsible for their problems but aren’t aware that they are addicted – they think they can stop any time, but in reality, they can’t.
  2. Compulsive gambling — when a person knows too well that they are addicted to gambling and that it’s the source of the problems in their life, but they can’t stop, no matter how hard they try.
  3. Binge gambling – when a person can control the habit for many days, months, or years, but they lose control when they eventually decide to engage in the behavior.

Are you addicted to gambling?

You probably know this already, but just in case you don’t, hypnosis to stop gambling will not work for anyone who is still in denial, i.e., someone who still hasn’t accepted that they have a problem and want to get out.

Unfortunately, denial is something that almost all persons with compulsive behaviors or addictions go through. And because of that, most rarely get the help they so desperately need, and when they do, it’s usually after the behavior has caused too much damage.

For anyone having doubts as to whether they are addicted or not, the following signs indicate a serious problem with gambling, and that immediate professional help is needed:

  • Experiencing negative feelings and emotions after gambling, including self-hate, sorrow, shame, hopelessness, regret, anger, fear, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • Spending more than the set amount when gambling.
  • Drinking or smoking excessively, or abusing illegal drugs.
  • Using the money you budgeted for other things to gamble.
  • Using your savings to gamble.
  • Borrowing to gamble.

How does hypnosis to stop gambling work?

The first thing a hypnotherapist does to help a person who wants to try hypnotherapy is to address the underlying issue. It’s because gambling usually isn’t the problem – the problem is the reason behind gambling.

For some, the underlying issue or real problem is boredom. For others, it is loneliness. But some still gamble to cope with uncomfortable situations, like debt, imperfect life and or job satisfaction, and negative emotions, like depression, fear, low self-esteem, stress, and anxiety.

As long as you have a conscious or subconscious thing that triggers your need to gamble (which you probably do), healing your addiction through hypnosis or any other treatment available today may not be possible without first addressing your trigger or triggers.

So, to get started on your treatment, your hypnotherapist will dig deep into your conscious and subconscious minds to try and identify your triggers or underlying issues. Based on your motivations and other individual factors, they (your therapist) will devise an individualized treatment plan to change your responses to your triggers, thus helping you break your gambling addiction naturally.

Some of the techniques your hypnotherapist may use to achieve this include psychotherapy, regression, and EFT (emotional freedom techniques). Also, your hypnosis to stop gambling sessions will likely include face-to-face interactions and CD therapy, where your therapist will prepare a personalized CD for your private use.

So, are you ready to take your life back? If yes, a professional, fully licensed hypnotherapist is waiting to help you break free. Click here to book your free 15-minute session; a non-judgmental ear is waiting to listen to you.

**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.
**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

**Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results. Results can vary from person to person.

**”Ringing a hypnotist was my last resort. Now, not only is my gambling a thing of the past, I am more in control of every aspect of my life, including my self-esteem.”

**”Just wanted to thank you again for your help when I came to you with problem gambling. It is now 3 months and there has been no desire to spend time gambling. I feel a great sense of control in my life now and minimal anxiety. “

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