The Power of the Subconscious Mind.

After nature, the most potent force on Earth is the human mind. It is a receptacle for everything we have ever experienced and a tool that drives us every moment for our entire life. Used effectively, it can deliver success and untold happiness.

Our subconscious mind is at the core of how we perceive the world. If it is filled with positive images and beliefs then, in all likelihood, we will function in a positive way. If, however, it is filled with negative experiences and emotions, then we cannot possibly be fully effective and happy.

Because our subconscious is deep below the conscious level for most of us, it makes no difference whether or not we actually remember the formative experiences that drive us. We simply react and, if asked why we acted in a particular way, would probably simply say ‘Because it felt right’. As a result, the subconscious can be our friend or our enemy.

It is my desire to help you to take control of your mind through your subconscious so that rather than hinder you, it supports your dreams and helps turn them into reality.


The Joy of being FREE

Let me explain what I believe hypnosis can help you achieve. Using the picture below as an analogy, the journey I will help you undertake is like a moth trying to escape the confines of a bottle. It has been enticed into the bottle by the ‘false’ lure of the light bulb, which represents all those emotions from the past that have been deeply buried in your subconscious, constantly drawing you into behaviour patterns that aren’t always best for you.

The cork represents the fact that we’re mostly unaware of what it is that has been holding us back – and, even if we were aware of what was stopping us from achieving our potential, until we do something about the emotion around the unhelpful behaviour we’d struggle to get out of the bottle anyway.

What I endeavour to help you achieve is to ‘remove’ the cork so that you can see the sunlight, fly out of the bottle and be free. Using a combination of hypnosis and EFT, we endeavour to release any negative emotions and attitudes that have been buried within your subconscious, freeing you to pursue your dreams.

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