Julie James:Julie James Hypnotherapist

Way back in 1995 my husband came home one day and announced that he was going to London for the weekend to do a Self-Hypnosis course. I thought I might be missing out on something if I didn’t do it as well.
Little did I know at that time the wonderful life-changing effect it would have on me and my family. Having been blown away by the self-hypnosis course, I then signed up for the full Hypnotherapy course and have not looked back since.
I was looking for a career change at the time as I always thought there must be more to life that working nine-to-five. So I came to hypnotherapy to be good at it and make a profitable career from it. A lot of people train as hypnotherapists after having hypnotherapy themselves so their motivation is more from the self-development point of view.
I believe my approach and that of my father and sister has made us more professional and successful.
After qualifying, I didn’t waste any time setting up my practice and was so happy helping so many people in my new career that I also encouraged my father, Roland James and sister, Helen James to take up Hypnotherapy. View Julie’s website at www.jjhypnotherapy.com/

Roland James:Roland James Hypnotherapist

Prior to coming to Australia I served with the British Royal Marines during the conflict in Cyprus. I then managed the family farm. I was on several National Farmers Union committees, two at national level. These experiences have given me a wider knowledge of life. This is a great asset for understanding my clients’ problems.
As for our respective locations, Julie lives in Hove in the South of England, Helen lives in Bury in the North of England. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia so we are not quite under each other’s feet.
I was spending a few days visiting Julie. She and her husband were going on a refresher self-hypnosis course. They asked if I would I like to join them. The course was on a Friday evening, followed by all day Saturday and Sunday. I have always had an interest in hypnosis, although I knew very little about it. Sunday afternoon we put it to the test. After giving myself the suggestion that my body was ‘as if it was a steel bar’, I then lay between two stools with Julie sitting on my lap. The next test was sticking a large nappy pin through the skin of my forearm after creating a natural anaesthetic – with no bleeding, soreness or pain. Obviously there was something in hypnosis and here was the proof!

When I returned to Australia I did a hypnosis course and progressed from there. Over the years I have been in close contact with Julie as I regard her as a competent therapist.
A few years later Julie’s younger sister, Helen, decided she wanted a change of occupation so she too took up hypnotherapy. Although we live oceans apart, we are very much in contact, sharing our experiences and continuously learning from each other. I must admit, I think I learn more from them than they do from me.

Helen James:Helen James Hypnotherapist

Having seen the incredible work that my sister and father were doing as hypnotherapists I decided it was time for a career change.
I had a successful career in IT and finance, and was quite enjoying office life but I could see my sister and father getting amazing job satisfaction, so in 1997 I went on my first hypnosis course, then a few years later I went on to train as a hypnotherapist. I found my experience in the office extremely useful, seeing and experiencing life’s stresses and strains, not just myself but from my work colleagues too.
Life experience and help from my family enabled me to get off to a flying start as a hypnotherapist. Now my sister, father and myself all support each other. Between us, I don’t think there is a client issue with which we do not have experience.

View Helen’s website here: www.helenjames.co.uk

As a family Julie, Roland and Helen have nearly 60 years of experience between them and by collaborating together they can give their clients the very best therapy.