Using Hypnosis for Exam Anxiety

Through many years of working as a teacher from key stage one all the way through to adult pre-access learning, a common theme occurred throughout. When faced with exams or tests of any kind, many students fail to produce their usual standard of work and under-perform in the exam setting.exam anxiety

This surprisingly common trait is one that holds students back because the education system fails to recognise their potential. In the most extreme cases just the mention of an exam could trigger severe reactions including shaking hands, feelings of sickness and a complete inability to recall facts and write coherently. This was often experienced by students who were entirely capable, but who struggled with the exam setting and the pressures that this applied.

Stressful Examination

Some students can become so stressed in exams that they cannot recall or repeat facts and processes that they have clearly demonstrated an understanding of previously.

The shift in ability to perform is clear to see with the shift in pressure that is applied by the exam setting.

In a society that relies so heavily on certification in all walks of life there is no escape from this performance anxiety and it can very significantly hamper the progress of careers. Learning may be disrupted by the fear of failure and for those who suffer this burden it can be a significant challenge in all walks of life.

Effective Learning

For effective learning to occur, students need to be able to follow a process of understanding, sorting and organising information, but anxiety can disrupt this process, making it impossible to retrieve the knowledge when it is required.


This is where hypnotherapy for anxiety can help. Hypnosis for anxiety works by creating mental anchors to keep the student in a more confident state and allowing them to manage anxiety. Hypnosis is used to instill greater confidence into the student, simply to allow them to reach their full potential.

Students can be taught to self-hypnotise to help build a tolerance to frustration and enable them to deal with the more challenging mental blocks that are preventing them from accessing the information. Hypnosis for anxiety used in this manner can help to aid learning as well as combating the symptoms of exam anxiety.

In the educational context hypnosis can be life-changing and can change the direction of the student’s learning to enable them to achieve more by allowing their learning to be recognised. Simply by removing the panic associated with tests, students may be able to show their potential and will be better recognised by the education system.

If you suffer from performance anxiety then you should consider hypnosis for anxiety. Large numbers of people are affected by this form of anxiety and the condition can be prevented. By following hypnosis, many students, whether children or adults, can gain an increased confidence that may help across all walks of life and could help to improve social engagement skills and integration with others too.