Even Lotto Winners Get the Blues - Roland James Hypnosis

It may sound strange that I am writing about lotto in a negative way.  A lotto win can result in stress anxiety and may be trauma.  A very large percentage of people weekly buy a lotto ticket, may be several.  They are all potential millionaires, may be multi  millionaires.  They  have this dream,  a lotto win, will solve all their problems and the  rest of their life will be a life of bliss and perpetual happiness.   Dreaming of winning lotto is wishful thinking,  focusing on an achievable  goal, is positive thinking. The lotto participant goes through life with a dream wish, with the odds of never been fulfilled.  This brings on stress, anxiety and frustration.

Lightning strikes and lotto winners

The chances of winning lotto has the same chance of standing outside and being struck by lightning. The odds are against you.  All serious gamblers never buy a lotto ticket. the odds are to long.

With a very remote chance you win.  Marvellous you are floating on a cloud.  All life’s problems are solved, also all your families problems as well.  The fact, money changes people. I have personally witnessed it.  The saying    money is the root of all evil.  That is incorrect the love of money is the root of all evil.  They are inundated with family and so called friends, they come out of the woodwork wanting part of it, especially family.   They are never satisfied.  Here comes the stress and all that goes with it.   They find they have fallen between two completely different classes of society.

Everyone looks at you differently

The social environment  that they are part of, now becomes were part of.  They are viewed differently by both their family and friend.  Here comes more stress and probably anxiety.  Money can’t buy friends or happiness.  It’s not a necessarily a fact,  wealthy people are happy.  You have moved away from your original environment  and not accepted into the next level.  Wealthy people do not accept money that someone has received by a lotto win.  They will accept it, if you have inherited it, or earned it, usually by business ventures.  I’m afraid I have shattered your dreams.  I’m just stating facts.  A lotto win usually will not bring happiness. Obviously there are exceptions.  If I win I would like to prove to be the exception.  Sometimes I will on impulse, buy a lotto ticket. It will be the cheapest quick pick.  I don’t dream of winning

The other week the lotto jackpot was 100 miliion no one won it.  The next week it went up to 150 million.  To win that mount would be a curse on one’s life.  Stress anxiety, trauma, frustration and ruining one’s life.

I did buy a ticket a cheap quick pick.  The ticket was for just a four million draw.  Needless to say I didn’t win.   If I did, I would like to be exception to my previous statements.  Being comfortably off and having a stress free relaxing life