Blog No 1 Empowering Women

My intention is to write a blog every two week.  What has happened on the National Scene, I strongly want to convey my thoughts. Also I would like comments and of stress and depression with the Richards Process

I have four daughters who are very precious to me and wonderful wife.  The team who have constructed my new website and maintain it are women.  The person who looks after my books is a woman. Everyone in my accountants office are women. Every one of these women I respect and they are all doing a wonderful job.

Am I missing something or is there something I don’t understand?

The Q & A program planted an individual, gave him the platform to speak with his opinion and belief.  Convicted criminal a terrorist and stating public rape of certain women journalists.  I am not advocating a political debate, just my views on the treatment of women.

What I fail to understand, at least 50% may be more for the ordinance were female.  I didn’t actually watch the program so I assume that the same percentage applied to the panel.

Why did his contribution get applause?  My personal view is that the vast majority of the female audience would have venomously reacted, to that sort of outrageous rhetoric.

The abuse of women in the whole range of society, is a very hot topic.  It’s getting more and more attention, which it righty deserves.

More than half of my clients are female, they come with a whole range of issues.    The initial reason may be smoking, weight reduction, drinking, may be gambling or general stress, trauma depression or anxiety.  In many cases  they have been subjected to abuse.  Family re husbands or partners, other family member.  Workplace intimidation, usually by males.  Schools, university students.  The list goes on and on.

To help them get ride of the original problem they made the appointment for.   I go into the reason of what has triggered off that problem.  The reason is not the basic problem it’s the negative emotion it’s created.  The method I use is the Richards Process which is well documented on my website.  On the trauma Stress and Anxiety section.

It’s a three session program, the final session it giving them confidence down the track of their future

Total Focus and Believability will take you to where ever you desire to go

I will finish with a very powerful affirmation.

More and more each and everyday, you have the feeling and belief   of being in the right place at the right time.