Tired of feeling intimidated or less than? Hypnotherapy can help You Empower Yourself.

I’ve been a hypnotherapist for 20 years and I’ve helped hundreds to stop smoking, lose weight, manage stress more effectively, control their binge drinking and a whole lot more beside.confident, happy people

Many of them are women and most have one thing in common: before I can attend to the reason they came to be hypnotised, I have to deal with some form of intimidation or abuse – be it at work or at home, now or in the past.

However it manifested in their daily lives, the root cause was:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • Shyness
  • Intimidation
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Feeling stuck
  • Lack of success
  • All of the above.

If this resonates with you, I’ve had a great deal of success with empowering women so they gain greater satisfaction from life, their work and their interactions with other people.

Boost your confidence. Boost your career.

Based on the above, it should come as no surprise that it’s not just family commitments (like having to pick up the kids after school) that hold women back from achieving greater levels of success. It’s an overall lack of confidence, coupled with what the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) call “unconscious bias”. (More about that at the bottom of the page.)

According to the ABS, this stops them from promoting themselves and even coming forward for a position that could improve their career. Both Wendy Simpson, chairman of Springboard Australia – the women-only accelerator program, and Yolanda Vega, chief executive of the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, agree with the findings. In fact, Ms Simpson goes as far as suggesting that it could well be because “women have a greater fear of rejection than men”.

Again, this boils down to lack of self-esteem, etc. And, because those are all things that reside in the subconscious, hypnosis is the ideal way to deal with the issue.

During your hypnotherapy session with Roland James you will:

  • Get help to release negative emotions around issues holding you back.
  • Gain knowledge of simple empowerment techniques.
  • Learn tips and tools that project greater confidence.
  • Discover how to ‘forward pace’ into the future, setting achievable goals.

If you live on the Gold Coast and would like to learn how to overcome fear, build your self-esteem and gain confidence in your ability to succeed, click here to make a hypnotherapy appointment, or call (07) 5500 5573.

So confident, I’m dangerous!
“I want to thank you, Roland, for your help. I can now say that I am cool, I am calm, I am confident and I am in control of my own life. It is amazing how I can now be around new people and not have that anxious feeling in my chest. Conversations now come with such ease; I am even asking more questions! Confrontations are no longer an issue; I am calmer in myself and can leave a conversation with a smile. You have helped me open my views on life and I feel so much stronger within myself! – Melissa Ensor

In case you need any further encouragement, here is the conclusion formed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics after extensive research and published in their 2013 Australian Social Trends report:

Some of the benefits brought about by having women in senior leadership.

Women bring new ideas, and different decision-making and communication styles that can have positive effects on board function and company management.
Women on boards can provide insights into consumer behaviour for women, and their presence improves company and brand reputations – especially for the female market.
Companies and organisations miss half the talent pool by not investing in gender diversity.
Women in management positions serve as role models for others; they encourage the career development of women and ensure the pipeline of qualified and experienced women remains open.
Companies with female CEOs, female board membership and a higher proportion of women in senior management are more profitable.
Equal representation of women and men in leadership roles allows quality outcomes for all Australians by ensuring the issues, perspectives and needs of women and men are equally represented in decision-making processes.

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