Smoking, Over Eating, Gambling, Drinking too much Alcohol

Each is a Temporary relief for stress and anxiety

This is a statement which is very relevant to the festive period. Also any other time when you are feeling stressed and anxious. You always pay for it later. It goes to the basic rule of cause and effect. The question WHY?

Why do we over eat, over drink,  gamble excessively and smoke? I must point to the fact that all the above indulgences are perfectly OK in moderation. It’s the excess that’s the problem. In moderation it gives spice to life, some excitement, makes life worthwhile. It takes away the dullness and mundane periods of life. Temporary takes away the stress and anxiety. The age old saying “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

It’s when you rely on the excesses of the above, where the problem is created. The over indulgence, the relief is tempory, you pay for it at a later date. I see it so many times in my therapy. Hopefully I catch them in time, before it has ruined their health, sometimes their relationships and can also be their career and their future.

Back in the days of the sailing ships. The captain know the crew would get blind drunk and legless on the last night ashore, before they sailed the following day. The following day, before they set sailed the ship just anchored, did not sail till the following day. The captain knew the desires of the crew and the ports had all the facilities to provide for those needs and to excess. The crew needed that fling, because they were going spend the next several weeks at sea in a confined space. Relying on the wind and the tides, nature can also have its excesses. Life at sea in those days was a dangerous profession.

That last story is a necessary fact, it provide for the desires of human nature. It stops the frustration being bottled up it’s like a safety valve. It’s when those desires become an addition that the problem arises. Creating Anxiety, Stress, Frustration and can lead onto controlling his life walking a tightrope180

The message here is control and balance. When you lose control you become unbalanced. If you indulge in any of the above. Smoking, eating in excess, gambling and drinking alcohol. Keep it in moderation, so you retain balance and control.

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