Don’t Start the New Year with Depression

We are now well into the New Year. Are we depressed? Listening to the daily news, taking it on board.  You have every reason to be depressed.  Several on going wars, the odd terrorists attacks, which are getting nearer.  Various road fatalities.  Just to mention a few  events, which will depress the average personman having depression

There are several extensive news broad casts, every hour news flashes.   You have difficulty escaping.  The world economy, is on the slide, so you are depress with your super fund shrinking, how will you survive when you retire?  There is the weather forecast, a drought or a flood.   We are now getting into the cyclone season.

All the above mentioned, it’s like a dripping tap. Depression is like a cloud hanging over you. Let us just stand back, how many of the above situations will directly make you depress? Perhaps just one.  The remainder will not affect you, unless you let them.  All the above have been going on all your life time.  Have they directly affected you?  Only if you have let them.

All we are, are thoughts and beliefs. You need to be in control of your life.  You need to have positive thought, you then have positive actions.  The opposite is, negative thoughts, which results in negative actions, bringing on depression.  You lose control.  In my previous blogs I have emphasised control.  Once you have lost control, this will bring on depression.  With weather, depression is a common description.   Especially in England, where I spent fifty years of my life.  When you are depressed it’s like a cloud hanging over you.  You are depressed.   Behind every fight depressioncloud there is a silver lining.    The cloud that brings on the depression, is in the past.  Temporary in the present, as long as you let it.   You have the ability to design the future with positive thoughts and positive beliefs, the depression will be blown away.  you have the ability to create that gust of wind revealing the silver lining of your future